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The Orchestra


Founded in 2012 by Leung Hok Kiu Johnson, "Hong Kong Chordophonia" is a string orchestra comprising a group of young and competent musicians, all aiming to raise the awareness and importance of string-related music. It is set up and organised entirely from administration to artistic direction by passionate youngsters, as a re-union of string players in Hong Kong where they gather and make unbelievably gorgeous string music.


Since some members of Chordophonia are students studying abroad, rehearsals and public concerts will be organised annually during summer and/or Christmas. Members of the orchestra are all top-class string players, and the orchestra will serve as a platform for international musical exchanges and every concert will be an occasion for them to demonstrate their mastery of string music. In August 2013, Chordophonia had its Premiere Concert "Voyage" held successfully and was well praised by the audience for our delivery of such high quality string music. Since the establishment of the orchestra, Chordophonia has witnessed enthusiastic support from the audience to its Annual Concerts. Particularly in August 2015, Chordophonia received unprecedented success in its Annual Concert “Gifts of Nature”, enjoying a full house performance at the prestigious Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall.


"Chordophonia" is a word invented by Johnson, based on the word "Chordophone". According to the Hornbostel-Sachs method of classifying musical instruments, a chordophone is an instrument which produces sound by either a vibrating string or a string stretched between two points. The traditional instruments in the "string family", namely violin, viola, cello and double bass, thus fall into the chordophonic category. The Cantonese pronunciation of the character "弦" (meaning string) is the same as that of the character "賢", meaning "able and virtuous". Therefore, the Chinese title of Chordophonia implies a group of able and virtuous musicians, linked together by strings. 


We are extremely grateful to have renowned musicians, Mr. Leung Kin Fung and Ms. Nancy Loo, as advisers of Chordophonia. Also, we are fortunate to gain support from various sponsors and organisations. We believe that second best is not good enough, hence we sincerely hope our work of promoting the art of string music will bring along quality cultural life to every conceivable audience.

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